Notojima Aquarium, Confinement of Whale Sharks, Micro Plastics, Old Dolphins in Japan|LIB

《Whale Shark》

Whale shark is the largest fish on earth.
Japanese aquariums are eager to confine whale sharks.
4 lFacilities in Japan
Notojima Aquarium (Ishikawa Prefecture)
Kaiyukan (Osaka)
Kagoshima Aquarium (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Churaumi Aquarium (Okinawa)
All are West Japan.
Kaiyukan released the bycatched whale shark. For research purposes, I think it has a good attitude.


Did you know that old dolphins are kept in tanks in aquariums all over Japan?
Dolphins that can no longer show are quietly confined in a water tank that is difficult to see.
Many dolphins behave abnormally.
This dolphin hardly moved towards the wall.

As I often see, some customers give instructions to the dolphins.
Many dolphins suffer because “dolphins lovers” enjoy the dolphin show.
I think there is an “audience responsibility”.

A commentary is attached to the photo.
There is also a problem with melamine sponge and micro plastic that clean the aquarium.

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