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Animal Liberator

Our mission is to liberate animals.
Animal Liberator aims to create a peaceful society by liberating animals with respect for animals’ and humans’ dignity.

From September 2020 through May 2021, Animal Liberator researches dolphin hunting in Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

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Zoos and Aquariums Database: the result of the research tour around Japan!

Mineto Meguro, founder and director of Animal Liberator, visited almost every zoo and aquarium in Japan* for research. *He visited 283 facilities in total, including 155 zoos, 124 aquariums, and 4 other facilities.

Click the location on the map below to see details of each facility, including photos and videos (text in Japanese).
*Finished up to “104 Akishima City Showa Park Zoo”. The rest is in preparation.

Project 0 (Zero)

Bring five species down to zero in Japan.

Project 0 for Elephants: https://animal-liberator.net/project0_elephant/
Project 0 for Great Apes: https://animal-liberator.net/project0_great-ape/
Project 0 for Polar Bears: https://animal-liberator.net/project0_polarbear/
Project 0 for Dolphins: https://animal-liberator.net/project0_dolphin/
Project 0 for Orcas: https://animal-liberator.net/project0_orca/

Signature-collecting campaign 1: Elephants and bullhooks

Elephants are constantly beaten and stabbed at the show.
Please join us in demanding the zoos to stop using bullhooks.

Change.org site:

An elephant trainer is stabbing a female elephant, Yoko, with a bullhook at Ichikawa Elephant Kingdom, You can hear the loud noise of hitting.

YouTube playlist:Ichikawa Elephant Kingdom, how Japanese facilities treat elephants, etc.

Signature-collecting campaign 2: Dolphins

We demand the governor of Wakayama Prefecture and Wakayama Prefectural Assembly to set a condition to prohibit capturing baby and child dolphins and their accompanying female dolphins. Help dolphins by supporting this campaign.

Change.org site:

Youtube playlist:Dolphin drive hunting


Earth I should live on

We live on the Earth where animals and humans coexist.

Animals are freed, live, love, and raise their children in nature. Humans watch them over lovingly.
Peaceful and serene Earth.

We believe that we can turn the Earth into such a place.

Earth in the present day

On the Earth in the present day, animals are exploited for food, clothing, entertainment, experiments, or hunting.
Every year, approximately 70 billion animals are bred and killed.
Each animal has its parents and may have children. They are sentient and capable of experiencing different emotions such as suffering or pleasure and feeling pain mentally and physically.

We must do something. I genuinely think so.

At the present day

I decided to stop exploiting animals and liberate them.

Many people did the same. How do we save and liberate animals? We need to think, discuss, and take action. I want to connect with people who care about animals and humans and take action together.

Saving and liberating animals requires each individual to act on the vulnerable’s behalf.

It also means saving and liberating humans.

Some day in the future

We will see the day of animal liberation.
It will be the most beautiful day.

I want to welcome the day with you all.


The mission of Animal Liberator

Liberating animals

Issues solved by liberating animals

Animal exploitation

The issue that Animal Liberator is tackling is animal exploitation.
Humans are exploiting animals massively.
For land animals alone, 70 billion animals are used and mistreated every year.
Yet, there is hardly anyone who sees the whole picture of animal exploitation.
The issue of animal exploitation can be divided into two categories:
Damage to animals and damage to humans.

Damage to animals

It has five aspects: food, clothing, entertainment, experiment, and wildlife.
With spread of the internet, the fact about animal exploitation becomes known rapidly.
Reference: “Earthlings” (a movie about animal exploitation)

Damage to humans

Breeding a vast number of animals artificially and killing them all result in damage to humans.
It humans has five aspects: health, society, ethics, science, and the environment.

Animal enterprises

Animal enterprises include almost all industries involving animals.
They are categorized into five: food, clothing, entertainment, experiments, and wildlife.
The market for animal enterprises is enormous.

Animal consumers

People who consume animals are animal consumers.
They consume animals in five categories: food, clothing, entertainment, experiments, and wildlife.
You may want to count how many animals you consume a day.
In your room alone or as household goods, you may realize you consume so many animals.

Animal exploitation triangle

Animal consumers seek to consume animals,
animal enterprises supply them,
and it leads to animal exploitation.
Under the animal exploitation triangle, a vast number of animals are used, abused, and killed.
As animal enterprises have been hiding the status of those animals, animal consumers could not notice the issue of animal exploitation.

Paradigm shift

Why must we liberate animals from humans?

At this very moment, animals are suffering at the nethermost hell literally.

Animals can think and feel.
However, many humans forgot or tried not to think about it.

Senses of animals

Animals refer to creatures belonging to the animal world.
Most animals make decisions, move independently, have a mouth, and are capable of feeling pains and emotions.

Love of animals

Humans regard animals as less-intelligent than humans.
However, animals have senses, being rich in emotions, and capable of feeling love and affection.

Animals pushed out of the ethical sphere

Being ethical means you do good and do not harm others, consider them properly, and do not treat them wrongly.
In other words, ethics is about controlling your self-interest, assuring others’ existence, and respect for freedom. Is it ethical the way we treat animals?
We must include animals in the ethical sphere.

Animal rights

Discrimination based on race is called racism,
and discrimination based on species is called speciesism.
Society has been developed in the way that the vulnerable are seeking their rights.
After WWII, fundamental human rights were granted internationally.
Now, it comes to animals, the ultimate vulnerable, who do not help themselves.

Action for animal liberation

Go vegan: action for one person can contribute to liberating animals

The development of the internet changed the situation.
The number of people who know the animals’ status and pull themselves from the animal exploitation triangle is exploding.
Being vegan is a way of living that embodies veganism. A goal of veganism is liberating animals.
Being vegan is a lifestyle that you can pull you out of the animal exploitation triangle. It is the most effective “action” one person can take alone.
For vegans, the best decision they have made in their life is to “go vegan.”

Animalism: humans liberate animals

Animalism is an idea proposing to build a social system including animals.
Humans have been building systems of law, politics, and economy for humans single-mindedly based on human supremacism.
What we are facing now is its consequence.
The global environment is being destructed, and flora and fauna are disappearing at an alarming rate while humans are confused in mind and tend to find pleasure in greed and things easy-to-get.
Political parties based on animalism as an ideological foundation have been formed in some European countries.

Animal liberation brings a positive impact on yourself, humanity, and the Earth

We set our goal firmly: liberating animals.
Animal Liberator undertakes the role of an accelerator of the movement in Japan.

Liberating humans

We liberate humans by liberating animals
In the process of liberating animals, we, humans will find solutions to our problems, further develop mental maturity, and eventually liberate humans.

It is us who created almost all social problems.
One of the most effective solutions to them is a departure from animal exploitation.

We are tied down to the structure and mind of rulers and subjects.
It might be natural for those people to think that humans dominate animals.
However, dominating the vulnerable is another form of slavery among humans.

To free yourself, you have to release others.
Releasing others brings you and others a real sense of joy.

Animals without a voice cannot seek help.
If animals could say one word, it would be:

We must liberate animals.



Action for ‘animal exploitation’

We work on the issue of animal exploitation as a whole by promoting animalism and veganism.

Action for ‘damage to animals’

We focus on the areas in the frames below.
Target areas are determined based on the impact on real damage to animals. Areas covering are:
1. From 2017 to 2020, focusing on zoos and aquariums
2. From 2020 to 2023, expanding to animal farming of cattle and horses
3. From 2023 to 2026, further expanding to wild animals

Five areas of business

1. Research and study

We conduct research for liberating animals and share the information among us whenever appropriate.

2. Database

We create a database required for liberating animals.

3. Raising awareness

We raise awareness about animal exploitation and advocate animalism and veganism through seminars, study groups, books, videos, websites, and social media.

4. Providing support (to be prepared)

To enhance animal liberation on the upward spiral, we provide support to like-minded individuals and organizations.

5. Building inclusive society of animals and humans

We research how we build an inclusive society with animals and propose adaptive approach.

Message from director

Humans are exploiting animals on a massive scale, and we are affected by their consequences overwhelmingly.
However, not many people know much about reality.

Japan is far behind in animal ethics, animal rights, and animal liberation in the world.
Japanese do not take animal liberation seriously, and laws are not prepared to deal with those issues.

Animals were born and are existing as precious lives on the Earth. But they are the ultimate vulnerable as humans hold a life or death authority over them.

Through liberating animals, we can expand the sphere of ethics and rights to protect and relieve the vulnerable.

We already noticed that issues caused by humans’ exploiting animals are responsible for problems such as violence, discrimination, or climate change, which we must attend to immediately.

I think Japan needs to raise the bar of animal liberation to catch up with advanced countries and pursue our agenda in the Japanese context. 

A society where humans do not exploit animals is equal to a society without human exploitation.

Together, we shall create our society where freedom and happiness are guaranteed for animals and humans.

Mineto Meguro



 03  アースリングスを観て、ヴィーガンに


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