Crowd funding: Let’s liberate dolphins! ~ Survey, interview and book writing on dolphin hunting ~

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This project is performed based on the three activities.

1 Survey on dolphin hunting and interview with the concerned parties
2 Remote broadcast of dolphin hunting
3 Write and publish a book on dolphin hunting

1 Survey on dolphin hunting and interview with the concerned parti

During the peak of dolphin hunting period (from September 1, 2020 to the end of February, 2021), I will conduct survey the dolphin hunting and interview with the concerned parties to collect the information 5 times in total and for more than 50 days
I will establish the evidence that can persuade the society to realize the release of dolphins in the future.”

2 Live broadcast of dolphin hunting

I perform live broadcast via social media on the day of dolphin hunting to deliver what happens on the spot to Japan and the world.
*No dolphin hunting is conducted on a heavy-weather day
The live broadcast was performed via social media
for 12 days in total during the hunting period from 2018 to 2019, and
for 14 days in total during the hunting period from 2019 to 2020.
I actually felt that more people know the actual condition of dolphin hunting thanks to this live broadcast.
I will perform much more live broadcasts to increase people who know the actual condition of dolphin hunting.”

3 Write and publish a book on dolphin hunting

I will write the book at the same time as survey, interview and live broadcast.
(The image of book, it will be published in the digital version.)
This book is intended to make suggestion to the evidence why dolphins should be released and the future.

In Japan, there is no book written in a critical position regarding dolphin hunting.
I write a book that may be an important trigger in the history of dolphin release in Japan based on our collected information, materials and experiences.
After the hunting period finishes, I will refine the sentences many times and publish it by the autumn 2021.

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We made the English version of leaflet about “dolphins.”

[Dolphin drive hunting at Taiji Town and dolphin industry in the world]

Please use this English leaflet to inform people all over the world about the dolphin industry including dolphin drive hunting at Taiji Town and aquariums.

The English version can be printed out in the form of PDF for usage.

How to use this leaflet is…

– Distribute it to your family, friends, etc.

– Distribute it to your acquaintances and those around you

– Distribute it to people in front of aquarium


PDF (Front)


PDF (Back)

125 Uotsu Aquarium(11,18,2018/Toyama Prefecture)

It is an aquarium where the keeper’s motivation and dedication are felt.
There are many bulletin boards, and the contents are substantial, easy to understand, and the names of the keepers themselves are also disclosed.
Major aquariums such as Umigatari and Aqua Park Shinagawa will not be named.

However, it can be said that the criticism of people who protect animals has not reached this point.

・ The aquarium in the city and the aquarium in which the dolphins are confined are wary and the guard is hard.
・ Aquariums in the countryside and aquariums that do not confine dolphins are not wary and the guards are loose.

Of course, stripping aquariums from the sea and rivers and confining them is anti-natural, environmental destruction, and unethical.

Among them, the sea turtle that was confined for 47 years seemed poor.
47 years in this.
You will be crazy.

Chameleon’s eyes feel will and intellect.
A squirt. Often found in this type of fish and shark.
Mouth adheres.
A sea turtle that has been confined for 47 years.
47 years in this.
Aquarium panoramic view.
One of the major causes of extinction is zoos and aquariums around the world.
An aquarium with no sand, rocks or aquatic plants, even fake rocks.
An aquarium with no sand, rocks or aquatic plants, even fake rocks.
An aquarium with no sand, rocks or aquatic plants, even fake rocks.
The environment is as good as there is sand.
The environment is as good as there is sand and rocks.
Handmade feeling
A squirt. Often found in this type of fish and shark.
Eyes are crushed.
Weak amamo field. There are few places where Amamo is nurtured firmly. Nature is the best.
It’s cute.
It ’s cool.
However, at the zoo and aquarium, people see animals, feel attraction, and start breeding.
One of the sins of the zoo and aquarium.
Chameleon’s eyes feel will and intellect.
Tsurugi Mountain
I want to climb someday.

Aquarium where dolphins die one after another Umigatari in Japan

Only 9 months after opening, They killed 2 out of 4 dolphins.
“Sasha” (female, estimated 8 years old) sepsis due to infectious pneumonia. One month after opening in July 2018.
“Arc” (female, estimated 7 years old) lesions in the pancreas October 2019.
It is guessed that the age is estimated, because it has been captured from Taiji.

The dolphin pool is far above, and dolphins can see the ground if jump.
How much stress!
I remember having an argument with the dolphin keeper.

Umigatari’s architecture and aquarium look fashionable and stylish.
However, it is completely different from a comfortable space for humans and a comfortable space for animals.
Dolphin pool
From the human point of view, the boundary between the pool and the sea is integrated, and the design makes it feel like a dolphin is jumping in the sea.
From the dolphin point of view, they can see the ocean but never go back there, and they can see the ground far below when they jump.

The cause is to be investigated, but the cause and solution is too easy.
The cause is that he killed their family, crawled from the sea, and was confined in a narrow, high-altitude aquarium.
The solution is to stop the dolphin confinement and dolphin show.
Why not do it?

Umigata also refused to request information disclosure.
Meanwhile, Joetsu City also refuses information disclosure requests.

Umigatari is operated by Hakkeijima Corporation.
Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa
Sendai Umino Sakai Aquarium
Umigatari (Joetsu City Aquarium)
Hamura City Zoo
Hakkeijima is a maj
or animal entertainment industry that is currently building a large aquarium in Taiwan.

All aquariums have large-scale dolphin shows and consume large amounts of dolphins.
At Hamura City Animal Park, the animals used in the contact experience are killed and given to other animals in the park.

Please visit the website of Hakkeijima Co., Ltd.
What kind of company do you see from the general public?

An explanation is given to the photo.

[I would like you to support LIB activities as a monthly supporter.]

A pool that seems to be integrated with the sea.
It is installed at a high altitude.
It seems to be a flower for Sasha. If they want to consecrate, they should not be confined from the beginning.
Looks like this dolphin was not in good condition.
Good architecture
There is a dolphin pool on the right side of the building.
A good pool. For humans.
Dolphin trainers. I know all about Taiji and the suffering of dolphins.
A dolphin that is separated from other dolphins.
The dorsal fin is torn.
A child who enjoys innocently. The fact of dolphin capture, killing and confinement is not informed.
Spectators enjoying a dolphin show.
Do they know that dolphins have a heart?
Surveillance camera.
Beluga. Probably purchased from around Vladivostok, Russia.
A beautiful environment for humans is a painful environment for animals.
From the standpoint of beluga and seals, it is a concrete pool with no natural objects such as aquatic plants, fish and rocks.
A winch that lifts and carries animals. The animals never get off again.
Overcrowded breeding
Overcrowded breeding
Overcrowded breeding
Contact experience. The reality is harassment experience.
“For animals, it ’s just stress,” said an aquarium keeper.
“But it ca n’t be helped.”
Animals are merchandise.
Never miss the opportunity to monetize.

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