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Hello everyone,

I’m Mineto Meguro, Executive Director of Animal Liberation organization LIB (Animal Liberator.Net). 3 and a half years ago, I watched the film ” Earthlings ” and became vegan, then started animal rights activities.

2 years ago, I took a walk by my house while thinking about the future. When I thought to myself, “my mission in life is to save animals,” a feather from the sky dropped onto my hand. It could be a coincidence, but since then I held onto that feather and lived for animals.

On September 2017, LIB(Animal Liberator.Net) organisation was created with the purpose of setting animal free. Currently focusing on zoos and aquarium activities.

Currently focusing on zoos and aquarium activities.

Investigation result from North Japan animal document shows the truth of Zoos & the Aquariums in Japan.

As I research more about the zoos and aquarium, I learned more and more about the reality. There is none other who have research Japan’s zoos and aquarium as far as I did. Japan has the most aquarium in the world. On top of that, Japan has the 3rd most zoos in the world, followed by United States of America and Germany. It is necessary to share all of the zoos and aquariums animal condition to public knowledge. I have always hoped that one day, someone will take this action. That is when I decided to build this new project.

Last North Japan animal document Crowdfunding went through 2017 November until 2018 January and ended with great success. Achieved the goal with the support and participant of 158 people. Researched 104 facility with continues night in the car. Below are the researched footage, photos and videos. It was clear that many of these captive animals are in Zoochosis phase, such as repetitive and invariant behaviour pattern with no obvious goal or function.

Unusual behavior footage during North Japan animal research. This is happening to all of Japan’s zoo.

Theater monkey would be harming themselves.

Chicks that was once in petting zoo would be slaughter by zoo keeper to feed another animal.

Be aware of the video as it contains footage of bleeding animal. This happened in Fox Village, Tohoku Japan. Foxes were bullied and crying.

Large amount of significant footage during North Japan animal has been revealed.

It is most likely that South Japan animal will reveal big quantity of important footage. These footage will be very important documents.

I will report all of the zoos & the aquariums in North of Japan!

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I will research entire Japan! I will finish the research of zoos and the aquariums of North Japan and South Japan. This time is the second half of South Japan Crowdfunding. I am planning to visit more than the previous Northern Japan 104 facilities. This time it it will be 147 facilities to research. The shortest schedule will 1 day 1 facility, it will take 147 days, approximately 5 months.

Crowdfunding will finish on November 1st, The Vegan Day.

I have pin down facilities to research onto the map.

When a creature came to this world, they have a value.

Animals do not live for humans. Animals are born as beloved babies of their mother, and living life for themselves. Each one of us worth something. Animals should have equal rights as we human do. We are born in this planet Earth for short amount of time and we should be living together peacefully.

I hope that all the living being that are born into the same planet could live together with equal rights and equal freedom. I hope to see mutual respect and freedom rights between animal and humans, also humans and humans, living in a planet of peaceful green landscape. Respect the Earth while feeling curious about the planet. An unbelievably beautiful star floating in space, living an exciting and happy time for irreplaceable moments.

I am sure you all have the same thoughts deep down in your heart.
Let us take one step forward. Come and join the project!
Let’s liberate all the Animals !


I would like to say, this is a mentally and physically stressful project. While conducting research and seeing the sad eyes of animals seeking help, seeing their injuries, seeing them suffering from abnormal behaviors every single day is very heart breaking. But I know someone will have to convey their pain, suffering and sorrow. Or else the animals will continue to suffer for the longest time. It will be my role to document everything and I would like to stick till the end. I believe this unheard of project will bring one big step forward to liberate the animals. I will be looking forward to your support and participant. Cheers!

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