Red List- Property List Created by Thieves|Animal Liberator

There are many red lists

When you hear the Red List, you might think IUCN’s Red List.
But have you been deceived?

The basis for dolphin fishing and whaling is a red list created by the Fisheries Agency of Japan.

In Japan,
Red list of land animals : Ministry of the Environment
Red List of Underwater Animals : Fisheries Agency

Let’s compare the IUCN and the JFA Red List.

IUCN Red List (only for whales)

CR 3 species
EN 10
VU 7
NT 6
LC 34
DD 29

Fisheries Agency Red List (all marine life)

CR 0 species
EN 0
VU 0
NT 0
(LC 0)
DD 1

Can the JFA Red List be Reliable?

The IUCN Red List contains all 89 types of whales.
Among them, the sei whale is an endangered species EN.
There is a higher risk of extinction than pandas and coelacanths.

The IUCN Red List was created to protect the earth.
The Fisheries Agency Red List was created to save their profits and position.
It’s like having a thief create an inventory of our property.

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IUCN- CCSG (International Union for Conservation of Nature-Special Whale Group)
Fisheries Agency Red List