YouTube「イルカ〜未来の解放〜」をアップ/Uploaded videos on YouTube |動物解放団体リブ

【残り4日 ネクストゴール166万円】



1 自由なイルカ

2 捕獲

3 監禁

4 未来の解放


第一目標である、130万円は達成しましたが、NEXT GOALを、166万円としています。

【クラウドファンディング成立 ありがとうございました】 (2020/6/15 – 2020/7/23)


 目標金額 130万円
 支援金額 176万円



[Where do dolphins come from? Dolphin hunting and aquariums]

Based on the lecture at the sales force the other day, I made a video of four sets. (only Japanese)
What is the mechanism of dolphin hunting, the actual situation of the aquarium, what are we trying to do,
It is a video that captures the outline of dolphin hunting and the intention of LIB.
You can also start from the part you are interested in.
1 free dolphin
2 capture
3 captivity
4 Liberation of the future

We achieved 1.3 million yen, the first goal of crowdfunding, but set NEXT GOAL at 1.66 million yen.
We look forward to the continued support of those who want to protect dolphins and those who share this project.

[Crowd funding]

“Let’s liberate dolphins! ~ Survey, interview and book writing on dolphin hunting ~”

Target amount of 1,660,000 yen (≒ $12,105)
Support amount 1,310,000 yen
Required amount: 350,000 yen

End date July 23 (sea day)
4 days remaining

Please support us.