We are Animal Liberator

Accelerate animal liberation with knowledge and compassion



The world we aspire to is a green and peaceful planet where all animals live happily and co-exist in harmony.

Animals are liberated and live freely in nature, loving each other.

To realize such a society, we strive to solve animal use issues.

Our Values

1.Total Liberation

We strive for a world free of discrimination and oppression against all animals, including humans. With this goal in mind, we selectively focus our activities on the most socially subordinate non-human animals. In this sense, of course, we do not accept violations of human rights.

2.Accelerating Animal Liberation with Knowledge and Compassion

We do not blindly oppose a problem, but have a purpose and strategy, and evoke empathy for the animals along with knowledge. Instead of blaming the other party, we clearly present the knowledge necessary to understand the problem and work to help the other party spontaneously empathize with the animals.

3.We do the most effective activities we can

We will continue to improve and enhance the quality of our activities by evaluating and improving our activities to make them as effective as possible at any given time.

4.Positive Activities

In every situation, we focus on what we can do in the future, not on the past or on others. We overcome good times and bad times with a positive attitude as a team.

5.Staff and supporters work together toward the same goal

Our activities are developed through the collaboration of all people. Our staff members are the ones who sit back and strategize projects, our supporters are the ones who donate their time and energy, and our volunteers are the ones who contribute their skills and time. We aim to be an organization where all parties can grow.


At the outset, we saw “lack of data on the current status of animal use” as the key issue for animal liberation activities in Japan, and we based our activities on field surveys.

As per our mid-term plan, we prioritized animals used for entertainment, then farm animals, and then wild animals, and began by surveying the entertainment sector first.

1.Around Japan Zoos and Aquariums Survey


While there are many opinions on whether zoos and aquariums in Japan are good or bad places for animals, initially there was no comprehensive survey on how facilities across Japan are actually doing.

Based on this issue, from 2018 to 2019, over a stated period of 9 months, we conducted a survey project of almost all zoos and aquariums in Japan, a total of 283 facilities, in the project “Around Japan! Zoo and Aquarium Survey” was conducted.

More than 99% of Japanese people do not know about the “abnormal behavior,” “mental illness,” “in-park recycling,” “dolphin fishing and dolphin shows,” “deception of the four roles of zoos and aquariums,” “propaganda techniques,” etc… that are happening to animals in zoos and aquariums.

We publish the facts we find in our research in our book “Zoos and Aquarium Closures”, on our website, and on social networking sites.

2.Book ”Dolphin and Whale Liberation”


In December 2018, we began field surveys of dolphin pusher fishing in Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture, and also conducted surveys in Tohoku and Okinawa, where dolphin pusher fishing is conducted. Whaling and dolphin fishing are animal use issues unique to Japan, yet the actual situation is not well known in Japan. In addition, dolphin pusher fishing is closely connected to the aquarium industry both in Japan and abroad. From the perspective of animal liberation activities, it was necessary to centralize information on the exploitative use of cetaceans by these industries. We have written and published a book, “Dolphin and Whale Liberation,” written for the convenience of activists who are and will be involved in activities against whaling, dolphin fishing, and aquariums.

3.Educational activities


We have given lectures throughout Japan on a variety of topics, including animal use issues, veganism, zoo and aquarium issues, and activism.

We have received comments such as “I didn’t know” and “I learned a lot” from those who are already vegans as well as those who are completely unaware of animal use issues.

Upcoming Projects

Our new slogan is ‘Accelerate animal liberation with knowledge and empathy’.

What is needed to change a society where the use of animals is the norm to one that is inclusive of all animals? We believe that the key factors in Japan are “knowledge” and “empathy. Knowledge is necessary to empathize, and empathy is necessary to see knowledge as one’s own affair.

Based on this idea, we will conduct activist education projects and projects related to farm animals.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

2022 Annual Report and Financial Statements

2021 Annual Report and Financial Statements

2020 Annual Report and Financial Statements

2019 Annual Report and Financial Statements

Corporate Information

Name: Animal Liberator

Objective: To realize a society in which all animals are liberated and free from oppression and exploitation by humans

Main activities: Research and study projects on animal use, educational projects on animal use issues and proposals for a society in which animals and humans coexist in harmony.

Establishment of corporation: November 2019

Representative Director: Midori Shimizu

E-mail : animal.liberator.net@gmail.com

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